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Mob: +383 49 882 200 Email: [email protected]


Part of Melon Group

Prishtina: Bekim Fehmiu Str, Arting Building, 5th Floor, 10000, Pristina, Kosovo

Sofia: 20 Kosta Lulchev St., 3rd floor 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria

Skopje: Zum Palace, 32 1737 St., 1st floor
1000 Skopje, North Macedonia

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We help clients solve problems
by creating digital solutions
based on the latest technology
trends and innovations.

People, culture
& services.

We design & develop digital solutions for those who’re looking to get things done.

We don’t just promise to do a little bit better, but we are the BEST. Our clients have changed the way patients are treated and cared for in medicine, made grilling high-tech with IoT and mobile apps, and revolutionized banking in big markets such as Latin America & Africa. These solutions we’ve built together with them have been featured by TechCrunch, Business Insider, Forbes, and more.


The best developers
make the best products

We offer services in product development, software solutions, outsourcing / extended teams, and not only. Since 2007, our team has delivered more than 400 various complex projects and has created a growing team of 60+ people, that deliver awesomeness to the world from the heart of young Kosovo. As of 2021, Frakton is part of Melon, pushing forward the company's ambition to expand in the SEE region's vibrant software development talent market.

Isa Kadriu Isa Kadriu

Isa Kadriu

Mr. Pixel

UX/UI Designer

Edilona Kamberi Edilona Kamberi

Edilona Kamberi

Bug Squashing


Zana Hajdari Zana Hajdari

Zana Hajdari

Not today!


Syle Zenelaj Syle Zenelaj

Syle Zenelaj

The money person


Astrit Kurtishaj Astrit Kurtishaj

Astrit Kurtishaj

PHP Stack

Junior Backend Developer

Butrint Selishta Butrint Selishta

Butrint Selishta

PHP Stack

Junior Backend Developer

Uvejs Sermaxhaj Uvejs Sermaxhaj

Uvejs Sermaxhaj

PM Team

Project Manager

Funda Gashi Funda Gashi

Funda Gashi

Can't lower the quality standard


Melos Hasanaj Melos Hasanaj

Melos Hasanaj

Keep calm and carry on

Full-Stack Developer

Argjira Mala Argjira Mala

Argjira Mala

Coming soon

iOS Developer

Granit Cakaj Granit Cakaj

Granit Cakaj


Front-End Developer

Uran Hajzeraj Uran Hajzeraj

Uran Hajzeraj

Stay Hydrated!

Software Developer

Endrit Veseli Endrit Veseli

Endrit Veseli


Backend Developer

Besarta Parduzi Besarta Parduzi

Besarta Parduzi

Nah, can't accept that!


Rijad Bivolaku Rijad Bivolaku

Rijad Bivolaku

Imam al crypto

Front-End Developer

Vionda Salihi Vionda Salihi

Vionda Salihi


Front-End Developer

Ardit Shabani Ardit Shabani

Ardit Shabani


Flutter Developer

Marigona Fetahu Marigona Fetahu

Marigona Fetahu

Maintenance is key

Office Admin

Elvira Delija Elvira Delija

Elvira Delija

Tech PM

Project Manager

Diellza Xhokli Diellza Xhokli

Diellza Xhokli

Quality is my name!


Nuredin Idrizi Nuredin Idrizi

Nuredin Idrizi

Tall & Windy

Front-End Developer

Petrit Behrami Petrit Behrami

Petrit Behrami

PM Team

Project Manager

Edon Sekiraqa Edon Sekiraqa

Edon Sekiraqa

The Punisher

Chief Technology Officer

Natyra Blakaj Natyra Blakaj

Natyra Blakaj


Front End Developer

Shkelqim Haxha Shkelqim Haxha

Shkelqim Haxha


Backend Developer

Ardian Halilaj Ardian Halilaj

Ardian Halilaj

Silence is in the details!

Front-End Developer

Detjana Kastrati Detjana Kastrati

Detjana Kastrati

Flower Power

Front-End Team Lead

Rilind Kasapolli Rilind Kasapolli

Rilind Kasapolli


Junior Backend Developer

Fjolla Sadikaj Fjolla Sadikaj

Fjolla Sadikaj

Deployment is ready!


Abide Halimi Abide Halimi

Abide Halimi



Egzon Murati Egzon Murati

Egzon Murati


Front-End Developer

Celik Nimani Celik Nimani

Celik Nimani

The Boss

Chief Executive Officer

Etrit Tahiri Etrit Tahiri

Etrit Tahiri


Senior Android / Mobile Head

Seda Gas Seda Gas

Seda Gas


Backend Developer

Fitim Istrefi Fitim Istrefi

Fitim Istrefi


Front-End Developer

Elvudin Basha Elvudin Basha

Elvudin Basha

PES Master

Web Developer

Laris Mahmutaj Laris Mahmutaj

Laris Mahmutaj

What did you say?

Team Lead

Arian Berisha Arian Berisha

Arian Berisha


Front-End Developer

Endi Sahiti Endi Sahiti

Endi Sahiti


Front-End Developer

Albion Hasani Albion Hasani

Albion Hasani

The Client is the King!

Lead Project Manager

Ernest Jusuf Ernest Jusuf

Ernest Jusuf


Flutter Developer

Avni Beqiri Avni Beqiri

Avni Beqiri


Backend Developer

Lekë Cermjani Lekë Cermjani

Lekë Cermjani


Front-End Developer

Marigona Beqiri Marigona Beqiri

Marigona Beqiri

Chief Heart Officer

Human Resources Director

Kujtim Visoka Kujtim Visoka

Kujtim Visoka


Backend Developer

Liridon Sadiku Liridon Sadiku

Liridon Sadiku


Android Developer

Rinor Marevci Rinor Marevci

Rinor Marevci


Backend Developer

Gentrit Duraku Gentrit Duraku

Gentrit Duraku

El Captain

Web Development Head

Altin Sadiku Altin Sadiku

Altin Sadiku

Let's build something!

Backend Developer

Ilir Nika Ilir Nika

Ilir Nika

Calm before the storm!

Backend Developer

Elvis Sylejmani Elvis Sylejmani

Elvis Sylejmani


Backend Developer

Drilon Çitaku Drilon Çitaku

Drilon Çitaku

The Sweetest Boy

Full-Stack Developer

Donat Kabashi Donat Kabashi

Donat Kabashi

Mr. Healthy Man

iOS Developer

Mergim Krasniqi Mergim Krasniqi

Mergim Krasniqi

Gima from Prizren

Senior Android

Eris Leci Eris Leci

Eris Leci

Rising Star

Front-End Developer

Ardita Zuka Ardita Zuka

Ardita Zuka

No bugs shall pass!

Lead QA

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The Rising Star of Europe

Frakton collaborates with some amazing and worldwide companies such as IBA Dosimetry, Celonis, Contentful, Burger King, European Union, and others, as well as fast-growing innovators such as JEFA in Fin-tech, Raiffeisen Bank in Corporate Banking, and more.

In 2020, Frakton has been recognized by Deloitte, a Rising Star of Europe in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50, a program that recognizes and profiles fast-growing technology companies.


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