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Outsourcing / Extended Teams

An extended development team is not project-based and is not discontinued after the project ends. It's ongoing cooperation between the client team and the extended team.

Compared to outsourcing, an extended team is like a team next door, which is not-project based and not discontinued after the project ends. As such, it’s aimed for long-term collaboration, effectively removing the need to disperse attention to any side project for the service providers team members.

Team Extension Model is aimed at complementing the in-house team and not substituting it, while also filling necessary skills gaps. This also means that responsibilities are distributed among team members as all of them are equally engaged in the project. The client has full control over the process and collaboration, which also includes the levels of recruitment, training, etc. On the other hand, project managers breathe easier as they can focus on things that matter and need attention, yet remain in control of key points and decisions.

Then there’s the cost-saving part. Clients get to choose from an international talent pool with a diverse set of skills and rates and also don't spend much time and effort in recruiting and training in the future, as this is mainly handled by the service provider.

Key benefits to consider:

1. The very best
You can take part in the hiring process by personally screening and interviewing potential candidates. Thus, you can ascertain whether or not the developers you hire have the required skills and will be able to assimilate into your core team.

2. Motivated and invested developers
The developers are assigned to your project full-time – they don’t need to juggle multiple assignments and can focus 100% of their attention on your project. As a result, your extension team members become an integral part of your company, align with your corporate culture and vision, and work towards a common goal. You can also benefit from niche skilled developers, whereas we have about 4+ years of experience in building software for managing clinics, tracking patient vital metrics in smartphones, quality assurance software for radiotherapy devices, etc.

3. Flexibility and transparency
You can manage your extended development team members as you see fit. There will be no intermediaries between you and your developers: you can communicate your requirements directly to them and solve any issues that may arise along the way.

4. A transparent and efficient payment model
With an extended team, you agree on a fixed monthly fee that covers the developers’ salary, operational expenses, bonuses, etc., enabling you to not only plan your budget further in advance but to keep track of your expenses better.

5. No-hassle setup
When you expand your team, we take care of all operational tasks and provide your developers with all the necessary conditions so they can perform at their best. Your developers work from a comfortable working environment, equipped with the latest technology.

Outsourcing / Extended Teams