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Rion Halili February 20, 2019

Spring Boot as a choice for enterprise applications

An enterprise application is based on multi-tiered, scalable, reliable and secure network applications. In a more technical way, when you plan to develop an enterprise application you have to make a lot of configurations and a deep analysis from scratch such as collecting dependencies and defining a bunch of beans too. A solid solution for reducing those pre-configurations would be Spring Framework, specifically its extension Spring Boot.

One of the main principles of the Spring Framework is: Convention over configuration (also known as coding by convention), which is a software design paradigm utilized by software frameworks, that endeavor to decrement the number of decisions that a developer utilizing the framework, is required to make without indispensably losing flexibility. The core extension of the Spring Framework is Spring Boot.

The main goal of Spring Boot is to simplify and accelerate the development process of enterprise applications by reducing the boilerplate code which is handled by the framework. Some of the key components of Spring Boot are:

Spring Boot Starter - makes a combination of related dependencies into a single dependency. For example, a common dependency used on Spring projects is spring-boot-starter-web. This dependency is a parent of other dependencies such as spring-boot-starter, spring-web, spring-webmvc, and spring-boot-starter-tomcat. So, with Spring Boot Starter we can avoid implementation of too many dependencies.

Spring Boot Auto-configuration - automatically takes care of our XML Configurations. For example, when developing Spring MVC applications, we had to define a bunch of configurations such as views and view resolver. With this feature, we don’t need to worry about those configurations because of Spring Boot Auto-configuration.

Spring Boot CLI - is a software that is used for running and testing Spring Boot applications. When using Spring Boot CLI to run applications, internally are included Spring Boot Starter and Spring Boot Auto-configuration

Spring Boot Actuator - is a feature that is used for internal inspection for our application at runtime. One of the features is Application Metrics which checks memory usage, garbage collection, requests etc.

Although Spring Boot is not the only choice for developing Enterprise Applications, the common alternative could be Java EE which offers solid stability. But the goals of Spring Boot including key components still remain and offer very good solutions for enterprise developing in essence.