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CeloDAM for Celonis

CeloDAM for Celonis

Celonis is a New York- and Munich-based enterprise software company, that provides an intelligent business solution, powered by process mining technology that empowers companies to visualize and improve the flow of their processes in order to transform the way they operate. We have been approached by Celonis, to design and develop a tool utilized by their global team which challenges the problem of content being developed across different channels.

CeloDAM is a solution for the Digital Asset Management needs for our client. The app is based on some of the latest technologies to make it easy for users to have access to a space where they can find all assets within their domain in the company. As for authentication, we used Azure Single Sign-On implemented with SAML Protocol, so users can use the application simply by being logged-in to their Azure Account.


The tech behind CeloDAM

CeloDAM is built with Node.js, using Express.js on the back-end side and Angular on the front-end side. The scalability of Javascript Stack offers us good maintainability in development and production.

We took advantage of Contentful as a content infrastructure to store, structure and retrieve the data. Contentful CDN (Content Delivery Network) takes care of caching – keeping copies of earlier requested assets, and making them available for future requests. That provides robustness and rapid user experience, including the maximized delivery speed of content by making requests to the closest server. Variety types of assets can be stored, including videos, images, documents, presentation files, links, etc. Each asset is associated with a Collection and can have multiple Tags. Multi-language is also supported. An asset may have content in English and German language.

“Over the course of the project, the Frakton team offered us a world-class experience. From the high-level planning and strategy to the day-to-day execution, they were always responsive to our requirements and priorities. As a result, the CeloDAM product has been a game-changer for our ability to share knowledge at scale across our global company. Our partnership with Frakton is much more than the typical agency-client relationship; we consider them to be a trusted part of our team at Celonis.”

-Brandon J. Ortiz, Vice President of Content and Digital Marketing, Celonis


Front-End Side

In front-end, these assets can be searched by free text search, tags, content type or collection. We used a tool to generate thumbnail previews for the assets, which makes it easier for the user to find them based on their appearance.

Each file can be opened or downloaded individually. Users can specify to download the English or German version of the file. Downloading all files of a particular Collection at once is a feature that is also provided.


Speed & Efficiency

To sum it up, CeloDAM has been built as a solution for the global team of Celonis, especially for the team of 300+ salespeople and 20+ content managers, who have been struggling to keep up with the ongoing content developed in different platforms and channels.

By utilizing CeloDAM to collect all of them in one place, the team is now able to work faster and more efficiently, without wasting time searching across various channels.