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HQ: Sunny Hill, Iliria Building H2/L2 - A,
10000, Pristina, Kosovo
BRN: 810867195

US Office: 651 N Broad St.
Middletown, Delaware, 19709
United States
Frakton Inc.

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Connected Baltics

Providing Connected Inventions
to the world’s largest
IoT network - Sigfox

Connected Inventions provides and develops low cost, energy efficient internet of things solutions based on global Sigfox-technology.
Foxer IoT platform, custom IoT devices development, of the shelf products, IoT projects, ultra low-cost global IoT connectivity, and other tools for projects, connectivity and development are all provided to make things possible for clients in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, etc.


The Challenge

Together with Connected Baltics and Connected Finland, exclusive IoT networks powered by Sigfox-technology, we have worked on the design and development of a modern website, that is modern, user friendly and offers a ton of related information for various target audiences ranging from potential clients to developers and simple customers that are interested in the latest IoT products.

The website features a clean feeling, with highlights on company features ranging from connectivity to reliability and security. We have also put a large emphasis on the use cases, presenting practical examples in various industries on how IoT can be potentially used.

The new website has enabled Connected Baltics and Connected Finland to showcase their services, solutions, and other custom pages through a combination of customized options on the web CMS that we have developed for them.

This in return meant that the team responsible for the website can present anything they want about their company through a various combination of custom modules, and also enable visitors to benefit from this information in the most simple and easy way.

There are entire dedicated sections about the solutions, coverage, partners and other pages, and there’s also an entire section dedicated to developers.