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Digital Fuel Services for EXFIS

Digitalizing Oil Services

Founded in 1991, EXFIS is a privately held group of companies focused on trading and supply of oil products. EXFIS is a major participant in fuel business in Balkans primarily serving Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia markets.

We have been tasked to design and develop the complete solution for both web and mobile apps, as well as API and relevant backend infrastructure to deliver an amazing customer experience.


Digitalizing Customers

EXFIS started with a loyalty card system for recurring customers, which turned out to be quite successful, however, because the number of loyal customers grew to over 35,000, EXFIS started to face the challenge of getting enough RFID based cards to issue to each customer individually. Tracking started to become challenging as customers had to register via a manual form and lost cards were hard to be tracked and canceled from the system. This started to become quite challenging as customer basis continued to grow.

On the other hand, the website was outdated as well, not reflecting the projects and work that EXFIS was doing in the region so overall the digital presence was not reflecting the physical one.


Digital Transformation

Thus we created a mobile app that allows existing customers and new customers, to register or login, to see their daily, weekly or monthly consumption, and also understand how much they are saving from each fueling process. EXFIS is one of the first fuel companies in the Eastern Europe region to launch such an application and to basically allow customers to use advanced technologies for an improved overall experience.

Customers scan the QR Code at each gas station of EXFIS to get authenticated and to receive the relevant discount as part of the membership, while they can then dive deeper into the transactions, including time, location and price per liter. Businesses have separate accounts that allow them to see each of their employees in more detail, how they are spending, transaction details, etc, which gives them more control and power at the palm of their hands.

There is a dedicated section to see all savings and expenses, while the app features also information about the weather in your location, information about the road conditions, information about traffic, 24/7 support, etc.


Contentful as a solution

We made use of Contentful as a Content Solution, in order to have more flexibility for creating and managing content section around the new website. This gave us the chance to drastically improve the speed and performance of the website, while giving tons of flexibility to the EXFIS team in order to manage content, add new sections, services, etc.