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Easy, efficient, and accurate morning QA for Radio Therapy

Software for complex frequent quality checks of radiation therapy devices

This has been our first extended-team model collaboration with the amazing team of IBA Dosimetry. The intuitive server-based software application is today the backbone of seamlessly integrated quality checks by Radiation therapy Centers around the world.

The software easily guides the user through just a few steps to complete automatic daily test runs and measurements of multiple beam energies. The measurements are instantly analyzed, and the results are displayed in an intuitive pass/fail view. Users may also include the additional checklist in their daily test routine, such as “Door Interlock” or “Audiovisual Monitoring.”


Agile approach & Extended Team Set-up

The collaboration involved and continues to involve teams on both sides, with the team of IBA Dosimetry leading the product development and project management, while both teams share the responsibility for deliverables in various parts of the project, including development, design, maintenance, new feature development, upgrades, etc.

The complete development process is handled in an Agile format, which involves daily-stand-ups, three-week sprints, thorough and detailed enterprise-level code reviews from both sides, as well as grooming sessions and sprint-retros, to ensure that tasks are delivered as expected, in both time and quality. The set-up also includes a Cross-Functional Tester / Automation Tester on our end as well as other QA’s on the other end, to ensure the highest quality in the software being developed.