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HQ: Sunny Hill, Iliria Building H2/L2 - A,
10000, Pristina, Kosovo
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US Office: 651 N Broad St.
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Gjirafa Video

Serving over 12 million people worldwide

Gjirafa is the first search engine and news aggregator for Albanian, a lexically unique language spoken by over 12 million people worldwide.
Using advanced Natural Language Processing algorithms, Gjirafa provides access to data that currently cannot be searched online, while also offering a range of other services including a search engine, a content platform, fast-growing e-commerce services and other services, in South-East Europe.


8,000+ Videos for iOS & Android

GjirafaVideo is one of the latest and most important services of Gjirafa Inc. The service includes over 8,000 videos and over 80 verified channels, with exclusive video content.

We had the chance to work together with the team of Gjirafa to develop a mobile app for iOS and Android that features a variety of experiences for mobile users.

Most of the load was on the video player, mimicking an experience close to the one from tech giants such as YouTube and Facebook videos, while our team also worked on the download offline functionality, so that users are able to see videos on the go and push notifications so that people are up to date with their favorite video channels or premium features such as in-app video ads, that help Gjirafa monetize its content.

Our team was closely integrated with the Gjirafa team to develop the app and features for both iOS and Android.

Among other things, we also implemented the GjirafaVideo premium feature, which allows users to benefit from exclusive features such as ads-free experience, offline video view, exclusive content, etc.

There’s a dedicated section for channel activity well, which allows users to track the latest video uploads from their favorite channels they follow.