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Into Albania

The number one marketing platform of Albanian tourism

IntoAlbania’s mission is to showcase Albania to the world, preserve its heritage, reflect its living identity, and enhance the local economy through e-commerce opportunities. We had and continue to have the pleasure to work with the team of Into Albania on the Web, Mobile, and eCommerce part of the entire project.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication on both sides, Into Albania has helped welcome more than 138,000 tourists to Albanian communities, generating over $37 million in revenue and 1,500 new jobs in the tourism industry. These new businesses help generate prosperity in Albania long into the future, and independent of donor support.


Research & Deliver

Together with the team of Into Albania, we have started brainstorming sessions and meetings between Tirana and Prishtina to deliver on the best tourism experience one can for Albania. We have researched other websites like Barcelona, NYCGo, Visit Norway and others, making sure that we learn from the best.

We used an agile approach towards delivering results, constantly iterating and learning from customers. The result is a modern website, that delivers tons of content, ranging from Inspiration from the most beautiful and exciting parts of Albania, to top destinations to visit, how to book your trip and get to Albania the right, the best food to taste, best events to attend and much more.


Content is King!

The users are able to browse through various content, which includes museums, restaurants, destinations, activities, trails and what not, which through a simple sign-up process, you can add to your profile, save for your upcoming trip, synchronize with the mobile app and other things.

For the first time, you can find all the needed information about let’s say when the museum opens, or what the ticket costs, which in the past were impossible to find out on the various websites available and present in the market of Albania.


Dedicated Mobile App Experience

We have developed two native mobile apps for Into Albania, covering OS and Android, which are quite useful apps in relation to how they have been designed and developed.

Both apps support user registration/user login and user synchronization with the website for trips saved or planned prior to arriving in Albania or during the stay in Albania. The idea behind the user registration is to give a more personalized experienced, in which the user controls what he has seen or wants to see in Albania.

The apps have dedicated sections to explore content on what to “SEE & DO” while in Albania, to get inspired on trips to do or places to visit, to see what’s trending or to interact directly with a map with each individual city and their offering.

The map is full of interactive points, which constantly orient the user which place to visit based on his current GPS location or even get directions on how to arrive at that place.


Events, Restaurants, Hotels and more

Into Albania Mobile has also a dedicated events section where users get to see the latest events, details where they are held, prices, tickets, and other details. They can save those events and soon buy tickets directly online.

An important section of the app is also the important information section, where users can check out places to eat, restaurants, taxis to hail, where to rent cars, buses in and out of Albania and other important information, such as emergency numbers, visa regulations, etc.